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Nona's Foodie Instameet Video by @Goldcoastfood


              Instagram as a new media is maturing and business and brands are now recognising it as a viable way to market and build awareness of their brands.

As Instagrammers build followers they become influencers to their followers with the content they post. For example in the fashion area, brands are sending sample clothing to key influencers to wear and post images of. These influencers are now able to charge the brands when they post images to their Instagram profile.

In Tourism, Influencers are bought to tourism spots to experience and post images of their experiences. The images can be used for the Tourism boards Instagram pages and high resolution images can be negotiated to be used for other media as well as a fee for the influencer. (See my Dubai blog on this site) 

Naturally content keeps followers excited and interested so the skills of photography, editing and image conceptualising are hugely important to building a following and keeping them interested.

As a professional photographer with knowledge of how Instagram operates gives me a huge advantage over other people who take an average image and post it to Instagram.
As well as building my own followers on Instagram, I now can offer my services in many ways for brands and business's to take advantage of. Below is a list of services I can offer that can benifet my clients.

Instameet for Your Business

Attending an Instameet is something a lot of Instagrammers do to meet people they follow and also meet new people to follow that live locally, It's also a very social thing to do and people learn from each other about photography.

As I have attended many Instameet's I have grown to know who shoots great images and I have gathered a crew of more than 30 local Instagrammer's that are capable of shooting a diverse range of subjects in many unique styles. All of my crew have over 1000 followers on their Instagram account.

I'm now able to offer Instameets for appropriate business's to promote their service or product. All of the crew that attend will post images to their own Instagram accounts using the appropriate hashtags. The business can then use the hashtagged images on their own Instagram page and if they would like to use the images elsewhere I can negotiate a great deal for them.

Get in contact with me to discuss your needs and we can promote your business to thousands of followers, give you content to use on your Instagram and lift your profile.

My Instagram group is caled @Igers_exposure which is a private page on Instagram for my group but you can see examples of our Instameets at the Facebook page Igers_Exposure  

An example of one of our Instameets was for "Cabarita Ocean Retreat", a health retreat located in northern NSW. Nine of my crew came for a morning tea there where we had a tour of the resort including the rooms, grounds, spa and local beach. After this we had a talk by the chef who prepared a dish for us to photograph and then eat. Each of us posted the images over the following weeks with everyone posting a minimum of four posts from  Cabarita Ocean Retreat.   

Contact me here now. 


Foodie Influencer meets are more specialised and specific to food. I have a large group of Foodie Instagrammers who are capable of capturing the best looking images of food in what is often challenging lighting.

I offer restaurants the chance to showcase their food using an Influencer meet. 

I co-ordinate and arrange for a group of foodie Instagrammers to dine at your establishment and then they will post images to their own accounts using your hashtags and tagging the restaurant. All of the images using your hashtag can be reposted to Instagram  on your own account and with some of the foodies having quite large following you will find this quite an effective form of marketing.

The Instagrammers don't get paid but are enticed to your premises with your amazing food and services. A fee is paid to me for arranging the Influencer meet and attending on the day.

Look at my Foodie Instagram account called @sensorysavours 

and like my Facebook page Sensory Savours

Consultation for you Instagram Account

  • Let me look at your Instagram business page and offer suggestions to optimise your IG profile. Check my profile out to compare.

  • I can set up your Instagram account from scratch by using your existing images, enhancing them then posting them to your profile using appropriate hashtags.

  • I research your business and location and follow potential clients as well as similar business's as yours that may already have a local following of potential clients.

  • I teach Instagram with one on one tuition, I can also tutor you in Image editing and Photography so you can post the best content online. 

  • Like my Facebook page "Instagram For Your Business"

  • Join my Meet Up group for coffee meets and an Instagram workshop here "Gold Coast Instagram Workshop".

  • See an example of an Instagram

business page I set up for

"Spice and Lime", a Thai restaurant

located in the Hunter Valley.  

Initially I set up the profile using

some Facebook images they already

had, then I researched and followed

local business's and commented on

their images so they would begin to

follow the page also. I then flew down

to the Hunter Valley and took

professional images of the restaurant

inside and out along with many food

shots and cocktails. These images I

supplied to Spice and Lime in high

resolution and posted the shots slowly

each day over a couple of weeks to their

profile page.  See the page below.

Foodie Instameet

Foodie Instameet

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